MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe

Second round for the MINI Kitesurf Tour Europe in Podersdorf… Depression area “Thunderstorm” began the day with dark clouds and windless mourning. Most of the guys weren’t still awake at the 7h30 riders meeting, but after a big breakfast of Chupa Chups Lolllipops, windy conditions and physical power came back again.

We went on with the single elimination. After several exciting and close finishes in the general heats, we got a special semi final in men. Two popular riders from Austria were fighting against each other - Michael Schitzhofer and Stefan Spiessberger! The two friends provided amazing jumps with an austrian flair. But finally, there was only one final place to snatch.In the men’s final, we saw Michael Schitzhofer competing against the german rider Mario Rodwald from north of Germany. After broken ribs in winter, Mario spent a lot of time in the gym and just started to ride a couple of weeks ago.