About Kitesurfing

What is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing uses the power of the wind to drive a rider across the water on a kiteboard (similar to a wakeboard). There are a number of different styles of kitesurfing including freeride, freestyle, wakestyle, course racing and wave-riding.

About Kitesurfing in Ireland?

Kite surfing has become one of the fastest growing water sports in Ireland, recently spotlighted by its entry into (and subsequent retraction from) the 2024 Olympic games.  The kite surfing “season” usually begins in March and ends in November.  However, you will see many kiters braving the Irish waters “off season” when the wind is blowing the right way! It is an amazing sport with a growing community of young and old riders alike, making it a sport for everyone.

Kitesurfing lessons with a qualified instructor are essential before taking up kite surfing.  See our Schools & Lessons section for further details.