There are many benefits to the IKSA membership; Exclusive Member Events, 3rd Party Insurance, Beach Access... 

Q: Why is my membership important?

Membership means that you are supporting the IKSA in it's vision, mission and objectives, which means continued, safe and responsible kitesurfing in Ireland, keeping access to beaches open, as well as helping us to grow and to be able to provide Improved Membership BenefitsAdditional and Better Funded Member Events & Clinics, assistance in organisation, support and providing insurance cover for other events and helping the Recognition of the IKSA as the National Governing Body for Kitesurfing in Ireland.  Greater membership numbers will support all these and more and help us to become a voice to represent kite surfing nationally.

The more support we have from the community, the more likely it is we can be a national representative body and the greater voice we will have - not to mention assistance and potential funding to support growth of the IKSA and kite sports, as well as provide additional events and clinics, support instructors, schools, businesses and encourage new young talent into the sport through programmes and youth development.

Your membership also provides you with 3rd Party Insurance cover designed to protect members of the public from the potential dangers of kiting, and limited personal accident cover - you will be insured to kite surf in Ireland and worldwide (with some exclusions, see the IKSA summary of insurance cover).

Q: How do I Join the IKSA?

You can join the IKSA by choosing a Membership Plan and selecting a Payment Method, either Paypal or Paypal Subscription.

If you have previously registered with the IKSA please use the account you registered with - first Login to check the current status of your membership and then choose to Renew.
Also, please check your Account Information and in particular your Contact Info.

If you have not previously registered with the IKSA, you will be asked to create an account before being redirected to Paypal to complete your membership payment.

Remember, there is a Quick Guide to Using the IKSA site if you need some assistance accessing your account or signing up.

Q: When am I insured from?

You are insured from the time that payment is made. If you have completed the online form then you are insured from the date your payment clears. If you have paid via cheque then it is when your cheque has been cleared with your membership form. See membership form below.

For existing members renewing before their expiry date, you do not loose any time on your current subscription, your membership is extended by 12 months from your expiry date.

Q: Where can I find a summary of what the insurance covers?

See our IKSA summary of insurance cover directly on the IKSA website.

Q: Am I insured when I go on holiday abroad?

Yes you are, however please look at the policy for details and countries covered - our insurance is not a replacement for holiday insurance.

Q: I want to buy several memberships, do I need to set up an online account for each one?

Yes. If you wish to purchase more than one membership (e.g. for you and a partner) you will need to create a separate online account for each membership and pay separately for each.  However, we do offer a discount for family membership (2 adults and 2 juniors).  Just fill out the appropriate form on the website. All members require a valid email address as a minimum requirement.

Q: Can I join the IKSA offline?

Yes, you can send us a cheque together with the membership form.  If you are joining as a family we need one form per person.

Please note that offline memberships have to be entered onto our system manually. You will not be covered under our insurance policy until we have received your cheque and it has cleared - if it is returned you are no longer covered. For Instant cover please purchase online.

Simply complete the form and send it to us with your cheque to Garden Lodge, Stameen, Drogheda, Co. Louth

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