Avoid collisions at all costs.  Follow these rules but not to the point of having a collision, even if you have right of way you must act prudently to avoid an accident.

Don't ever assume you have right of way or insist on taking it - the other kite surfer or vessel may not know the right of way rules, may lack the experience or skill to effectively manoeuvre out of the way, or they may not be looking! 

If two kites collide and the lines get tangled, throw your bar and release your safety immediately.  Two tangled kites have twice the power and no control.  Under power, kite lines will abrade and cut each other.  If both kiters release their kites they are likely to separate themselves with little or no resulting damage.

Summary of the key points:

Give way if:

1. You are coming in to shore and people are launching or entering the water
2. You are riding on port tack (left hand forward) you must give way to riders on starboard tack (right hand forward)
3. You are riding faster (on the same tack), overtake downwind.  The kiter being overtaken has the right of way, and is responsible for maintaining course while being overtaken.

When passing other kitesurfers:

UPWIND kitesurfer, kite HIGH
DOWNWIND kitesurfer, kite LOW