The role of the President is to oversee the general day to day running of the IKSA and make final decisions in the best interest of the IKSA and its members.  The President should also have the ability to forge and maintain good mutually beneficial relationships with relevant bodies such as the IKA, the BKSA, the ISA, county councils, insurance brokers, emergency services and any other organisation where a relationship is in the best interest of the IKSA and its members.  It is the responsibility of the President to strengthen relationship with members, kitesurfing schools and instructors whilst also overseeing and participating in the organisation of all IKSA events.

Vice President

It is the responsibility of the Vice President to support the President in all activities outlined above.  In addition the VP must encourage positive publicity for the IKSA and IKSA Member Events.  The VP will be the main point of contact for all media and ensure to take full advantage of any PR opportunities.  The VP will also be required to work closely with the IKA and ensure all events and competitions are run within the IKA guidelines and to IKA standard.  The VP will be required to work directly with county councils to retain beach access for all kite surfing activities, communicate with relevant councils for hosting of all IKSA events and approach relevant councils with feedback from IKSA members with regards to safety issues on the beaches.


The main duties of the Treasurer include maintenance of the accounts and preparation of annual accounts for external auditor. The Treasurer is required to liaise with auditors with regard to filing the Companies Office returns each year.  An accounts software package (eg TAS books, A.N. Other simple accounting software) is required to fulfil the tasks outlined above.  If software is not readily available, the IKSA can look into the supply of these materials.  The Treasurer (along with the President) will also be responsible for the relationship with Insurance Brokers and will be responsible for securing the best insurance deal for members, for the officers and for all IKSA events.


The role of the Secretary is to schedule regular committee meetings (bi-monthly), manage meeting agendas and minutes and produce a quarterly newsletter for all IKSA members with updates, news, events etc.  The Secretary will also be responsible for managing the fulfilment of membership cards and insurance documentation for all members.

Safety Officer

All incidents and accidents involving IKSA members should be reported to the Safety Officer by phone or email as quickly as possible.  The Safety Officer will log all incidents on an IKSA incident report sheet and send to the President. The Safety Officer will be required to keep in regular contact with the RNLI and the Coastguard to ensure lines of communication remain open and relevant information exchanged. The Coastguard or RNLI may be invited to participate in said events and it is the role of the Safety Officer to ensure scheduling and organisation of same. 

Youth Development Officer

The Youth Development Officer must have relevant clearance to work with children U18 years.  The Youth Development Officer will be the main contact for our Junior members, organising Junior specific workshops / events and helping them to forge beneficial relationships with other kiters, schools and relevant bodies with the main purpose of further developing kite surfing skills in a safe and fun environment.


The Webmaster will be required to maintain and improve the IKSA Website, Facebook and Twitter pages with the sole purpose of attracting more traffic to the site and ultimately more members into the IKSA.  The role requires knowledge of Joomla (and its components) and SEO skills. The Webmaster should have some creative flair and a passion for kite surfing.

Regional Representatives

Each regional representative will be recognised as the main IKSA contact in their area.  Any accidents, incidents, insurance queries should be directed to the local rep who in turn will contact the relevant committee officer.  Occasionally a regional representative will be asked to assist with events or clinics in their area.  See the list of current Regional Representatives.

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