Current or Previous IKSA Members

If you have previously registered an account with the IKSA, we encourage you to use the same account when accessing the site or renewing your membership - there are login fields at the top of every page and when you attempt to access member specific areas you will be prompted to login.

You can check your membership status, details of when your IKSA membership expires as well as Renew your subscription.

Don't worry - if you Renew before your expiry date your subscription will be extended by 12 months from the date of expiry so you don't lose any of your current membership subscription.

Members can also check their account and contact details on the site.  
Please ensure your email and postal addresses are correct as these are where your membership emails and reminders will be sent to you on renewal of your subscription.

If you cannot remember your IKSA account details you can get a reminder of your username (using the email address you initially registered with) emailed to you, or reset your password (using your IKSA username) to gain access to your account and details.  If you cannot remember either of your username or password, please recover your username first before resetting your password.

New Memberships

If you have not previously registered an account with the IKSA and you would like to join, please Join Now - select your membership type, provide your details (please ensure your email address is correct as this is where your membership emails will be sent to) and complete the payment of your subscription via Paypal.

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