Be smart and be safe, learn with a professional, certified and insured instructor.  Only a qualified instructor can help you get the most out of your time and you’ll learn more, progress faster, be safer and have far more fun than trying to teach yourself.

There are a number of kitesurfing schools all over Ireland with professional, qualified instructors available to teach you the basic skills required for kite surfing before you venture out on your own!

A three day course (12 hrs) is the normal amount of instruction recommended but your progress will depends on your kite flying skills and other sports you have done in the past such as wakeboarding, surfing, kite landboarding, windsurfing, etc.  Follow up lessons are great for helping to hone those basic skills and help progression to better riding and tricks.

We would always recommend you ask your instructor for proof of insurance and clarify whether you are insured during your lessons or not.  

If required, the IKSA can help with Temporary Insurance to cover the duration of your lessons - see here for more details.

Contact the school directly to book your lessons.

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