Dollymount, Co. Dublin

  1. Use launch / land / setup / packdown area only to inflate & deflate kites. No launching & landing outside this area is permitted. If you are unsure where this area is located please ask.

  2. A kite leash must be used at all times when flying a kite. This is NOT optional.

  3. Please keep your kite over the water at all times when walking up the beach.

  4. Stay 200m away from all swimmers & stay clear of areas in front and to the sides of lifeguard huts in Summer

  5. No landboarding permitted at any time. Landboarding area is located at north end of the beach

  6. Have fun and stay safe!

This short video explains the environment of Dollymount beach, when it is ok to kitesurf, what are the best conditions, etc... Thanks to JJ Daly and Ray Twomey for a great job!