The past few months have been really positive for the IKSA and Kitesurfing in Ireland and we feel like celebrating and sharing the love with our loyal members!

  • We announced plans and progress on recognition as the National Governing Body for Kite Surfing in Ireland at the 2014 AGM (details in minutes)
  • All committee member nominations were successfully elected/re-elected unopposed and we have a great team of Regional Representatives out there organising Sandy Burgers and dealing with local issues and queries 
  • Our Event Calendar for 2014 is looking great, with 12 events directly organised or supported by the IKSA, with great attendance at our Sandy Burgers already delivered, a successful 8th Battle for the Bay (congrats to Pure Magic and all involved) and more great IKSA Events & Announcements to come this year... we can include our Jo Wilson clinic now that the event is public and all places were filled in record time!!
  • Our communications to members have improved, member queries are being dealt with quickly and efficiently and we have received very positive feedback from members on this
  • We launched our 2014 Survey and are waiting to compile responses (please respond to help us improve for YOU)
  • Our IKSA website has been improved, is the primary source of IKSA Member Information with frequent content updates (Right of Way, Site User Guide, etc.) and membership subscriptions are now working better than ever 
  • Our Photo Galleries are expanding... and updating frequently
  • Facebook feeds and Twitter tweets have been added to the IKSA Home Page so that members without Social Media accounts can keep up with all activity
  • Our Social Presence has been improved and expanded
    1. Improved IKSA Facebook Page, we're almost at 2050 likes (go Like us now if you haven't already)
    2. New(ish) Heading Out Groups on Facebook with a lot of engagement - GET INVOLVED!!
    3. Twitter tweets are more frequent and followers are building (include us in your kitesurfing tweets @iksaie)
    4. Instagram has been added to our portfolio of digital channels and is getting a steady following (tag us in your kitesurfing photos @iksaie)
  • Some of our online content has started to gain interest worldwide with recent inclusion in inMotion Kitesurfing Daily editions

Soooooooooooooo, in order to celebrate we are delighted to be able to announce details of an

EXCLUSIVE IKSA Member Competition... woo-hoo!!
We think this is a great way to celebrate our recent achievements and kick off the Irish Summer (whenever that hits!), and hopefully some great kitesurfing sessions, properly.

We have a selection of great prizes (including some of our new range of IKSA Hoodies!!) to give away to active, fully paid-up, IKSA Members over the course of the summer - our plan is to have a give away every 1-to-2 weeks, until prizes run out.  (If there are any generous souls out there who have something cool to add to our prize bundle please get in touch and we'll give you a shout out with millions of thanks from the IKSA and Irish Kitesurfing Community!  It'll also help to keep the competition running even longer).

Winners will be picked at random from our active IKSA Membership List (excluding IKSA Committee and Regional Representatives), and previous winners are eligible for subsequent draws - provided their membership is still active at the cut off point of each draw.

Our first prize giveaway winner will be announced on Friday, June 13th (lucky for one member) by our President, Warren Vance - the cut off point for entry to this giveaway is Friday, June 13th 2014 at 12:00 p.m. (noon, mid-day, etc.)

To make sure your name is in the "hat" for our giveaways, and to avoid disappointment on event days, please check your membership status or join the IKSA now to help promote safe and responsible kite surfing in Ireland.  Remember, there is a Quick Guide to Using the IKSA site if you need some assistance accessing your account or signing up.

Also, with all the upcoming IKSA and 'IKSA Sponsored' Events happening - IKSA membership guarantees your participation in these events, provides you the necessary insurance cover to compete as well as supporting the IKSA's mission and objectives and the path towards National Governing Body for Kitesurfing in Ireland.

Keep an eye and an ear on our site and Social Media for details of the competition draws, sponsors, prizes and all important winners.

Good winds to all & here's to a happy and safe summer of Kitesurfing

Apart from entry to this competition, IKSA Membership also means that you are supporting the IKSA in it's vision, mission and objectives, which means continued, safe and responsible kitesurfing in Ireland as well as helping us to grow and to be able to provide Improved Membership Benefits, Additional and Better Funded Member Events and helping the Recognition of the IKSA as the National Governing Body for Kitesurfing in Ireland.

The IKSA is a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers... all funds are used to provide member insurance, organise and support events and help the IKSA support safe and responsible kitesurfing in Ireland.

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