Silverstrand has a safe, shallow, sandy beach of approximately 0.25km bounded on one side by a cliff and the other by rocks.  It faces directly into Galway Bay giving spectacular views.  Silverstrand beach has been a blue flag beach since 2006 and water quality is monitored regularly.  

The beach is life guarded daily from mid-May to end of August from 11 am to 7pm.  There is a promenade with parking capacity for about 60 vehicles.

The beach is often busy, particularly during the summer, and is popular with families so when it is busy kite surfers should go over the hill next to the beach to launch and kite in the lagoon.  

It is essential that beginners go to the lagoon to practice during summer months as the beach is narrow and shallow with families on the sand and swimmers in the water.

More experienced kite surfers will launch from beach when it is quiet but will quickly head out to deeper water or over to the lagoon so not to endanger the public.  

The lagoon is has a lot less chop and hazards so is better fun to learn and do jumps.  You can access the lagoon by climbing the wall behind the car park to walk over the hill.  It is also possible to walk across in front of the cliff on low tide.  There are a couple sandy areas to launch and land from. 

The lagoon and beach are suitable for kiting about 3 hours either side of low tide and are largely covered during high tide with no place to launch.  During spring tides the water comes in very quickly.  

The best wind direction is South West or South and you can find the forecasts for the location on Windguru under Rusheen Bay or on Windfinder under Silverstrand.

Silverstrand Beach, Co. Galway

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Michael McLoughlin replied the topic: #258 2 years 3 months ago
I have read and given conversation to your narrative on Silverstrand. I suggest that beginners are not afforded the same degree of oversight from lifeguards whilst in the lagoon area. Beginners feel compelled to go to this area. When biginners are kiting, out of view of lifeguards, in the lagoon area it ecerbasiots the degree of risk on said beginners.
barry breen replied the topic: #259 2 years 3 months ago
Well said,
On another note, lagoon unless the water is very low is extremely dangerous to beginners with the high water level, very little sand to launch , and a lot of rocks substantially more than the beach.
Bryan Pelly replied the topic: #260 2 years 3 months ago
As mentioned in the main text, "The lagoon and beach are suitable for kiting about 3 hours either side of low tide and are largely covered during high tide with no place to launch."

It would seem that use of the beach and lagoon are not recommended outside these hours, and doing so could be putting yourself in a position of unnecessary risk.

The article is meant as a guide for recommended use of this spot, when and where you decide to kite is really a personal decision. We must remember that kiting comes with it's own inherent risks and with that in mind a full course of lessons and potentially follow up lessons should be taken.

We must also be aware that beaches are public places and we should really give consideration to the public and all other beach users. Lifeguards too are only in place during the summer months and should not really be relied on for oversight and rescue - if you are unsure of the safety packdown procedures then organise a refresher with a qualified instructor and practice it regularly. Being a strong, confident swimmer is also wise - if you don't feel your swimming will get you back to shore, should the need arise, work on your swimming, wear a personal floation device, and do not kite further than you would be comfortable swimming back.

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