Following the enormous success of the first IKSA Water Charge @ Ballyholme back in April - we are excited to bring this event format to Hooked Kitefest 2015.

Today see's the official launch of the Competitor Registration for this round of competition and we are hoping to see as many kiters as possible take to the start line and race.

For full details of dates, competition format, rules and how to register - please see the official event page.  

We would appreciate early registration so we can gauge numbers for each division/discipline and also plan accordingly based on the level of interest for this event. #GetCharging

Here's a reminder of the event @ Ballyholme - thanks again to Stephen Anderson for the amazing drone footage.

... and Alan Bennett for braving the cold waters to capture awesome shots over the full weekend!

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Aisling Daly replied the topic: #264 2 years 3 months ago
Only 11 more sleeps and counting until the charging starts :)
Bryan Pelly replied the topic: #265 2 years 3 months ago
D'ya like the countdown clock I made for ya? No more counting sleeps on your fingers - just visit the IKSA Home Page ;)
Aisling Daly replied the topic: #266 2 years 3 months ago
Love it. I'm not very good at the aul counting ya know :woohoo:

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