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  • Aisling Daly
2 years 5 months ago
Next trick/ tricks to try learn :woohoo:

hey Aaron,

Defo try doing the frontroll next. that's what I'm doing myself. also do the raileys hooked in first so you perfect your pop whcih is also what i'm working on at the moment and then go for unhooked.
I watched this video for the logistics of unhooking found it really helpful to get comfortable doing it off the water or in shallow water first without the board and I tried with the board just literally unhook for a second then hook back in done that loads of times. tried unhooked backroll lets just say that was sore :)

haven't been progressing much myself in the last few months so hoping to get these things down too so see who gets there first :)

  • Aaron Baugh
2 years 6 months ago
Next trick/ tricks to try learn :woohoo:

Thanks guys by the sound of it front role is my next goal. Although i have landed one before but it was by a complete mistake ha. Ye a lot of back role kings around thats why i want to try get a few more tricks under my belt or should i say under my harness :lol: Ye i saw that vid about the pop its really good defo gonna try going down wind a bit more that edge out. Also to try get a feel for being unhookd just rideing down wind because as u were saying micheal when i do try it i dont think i go down wind enough i tend to hold an edge and it feels like the kite is going to rip my arms off ha. Will also try doing a rally while hooked in never tough of that only tryed it while unhooked.
thanks for reply guys hope fully get a session in before this weekends bftb :woohoo:

  • Mícheál Mullarkey
2 years 6 months ago
Next trick/ tricks to try learn :woohoo:

Hey Aaron,

I second the frontroll suggestion.

Regarding the Raileys - are you trying them unhooked or hooked in? This ties into the load and pop thread and Warren's suggestion of testing the water with unhooked riding:

I've found that after years of riding in the default upwind position all the time it becomes very difficult to convince yourself to flatten the board off and ride straight downwind towards the kite. In my mind's eye, when I do it, I'm going miles downwind, even if I only let the edge off for a second - but in reality, for a very long time, I wasn't going towards the kite nearly long enough.

It's really important to do this though, if you want to get a good load and pop. When you ride downwind, the kite moves deeper into the window (i.e. more to the front of you and away from the side) and the lines slacken a bit. Then, when you carve away, like in a backroll, you'll get a really big spring: with the kite deeper in the window, it's more in the powerzone and when you carve when it's there, you're pushing the board directly against the pull of the kite.

You need to ride towards the kite for at least two or three metres though - which takes longer than you think!!! Try counting one-onethousand, two-onethousand, three-POP!

If you can get this big load and pop, front rolls will be a lot easier as you'll have a lot more time in the air. (everything becomes easier actually)

This also ties into unhooking and Raileys, because for years, I was only releasing my edge a little bit, unhooking, and then trying to edge against the kite - killing my hands and arms after only a few short seconds - and scaring the bejaysus out of myself in the process because of all the power.

Flatten the board and ride towards the kite and you'll hold on no bother at all. When you carve, drop back deep and stomp the board - you'll spring up and the pull through your arms will drop as soon as you're in the air. Whether doing Raileys hooked in or unhooked, with the right pop (hooked in you have to pull the bar hard too), you'll have no issue getting your legs up behind you - they'll go most of the way themselves. The harder you pop, the higher they'll go.

Whether you Pop on three or count 1,2,3 and then Pop is an ecumenical matter.

  • Warren Vance
2 years 6 months ago
Next trick/ tricks to try learn :woohoo:

What about just un hooking to start with with out any trick Simple head down wind un hook then hook in build the confidence up. Just keep repeating getting longer and longer time being unhooked.

Then when you have the confidence put a small jump into it it or even a back roll All about being confident un hooking its not that hard... Dont do it when its honking :P

Make your self a goal for the end of the summer and push yourself only way to learn or you end up become the backroll king like most kitesurfers

  • Bryan Pelly
2 years 6 months ago
Next trick/ tricks to try learn :woohoo:

Frontroll is a good progression after backroll... similar technique except forward instead of backwards obvs!

Just watch your head on the bar :p

  • Aaron Baugh
2 years 6 months ago
Next trick/ tricks to try learn :woohoo:

hey guys and gals,
Thought id post here rather than fb to use it so we dont loose it B)
So hear goes just after learning how to do a back role :cheer: :silly: :cheer: and can also jump and do a few quick grabs.
I am wondering has anyone any advice on what trick or tricks to try next from past experience what do people think is next easiest think to try. Have tried a rally a few times but its quite hard to flick my legs up behind but going to keep at it. Any one any suggestion on what to try next preferably hooked in. :woohoo: