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  • Mícheál Mullarkey
1 year 9 months ago
What can the IKSA do to improve membership numbers

What about also adding a Travel Insurance add on, along with some other sports? I'm going snowboarding next week and am getting annual worldwide travel insurance policy for myself and the missus through AA. It's pretty affordable and covers Kitesurfing, snowboarding, Diving and surfing (which we do) and a whole bunch of other stuff which we do not do. It doesn't cover 3rd party liability - as the IKSA policy does. You'd drive a bunch of kiters onto the IKSA if you rebranded and sold such a policy.

Once you have the higher subs, then maybe a monthly newsletter. One thing I'd like to see more of is a Calendar of Events well in advance. Annual leave is tight, but there are a bunch of events around the country that typically don't move whether the wind is blowing or not. A lot of us desk jockies end up having our Calendars booked out months if not the whole year in advance with family/holiday/other events. It would be great to know the kiting events that far in advance so I could reserve them properly.

Intermediates are also crying out for Clinics to bring on their skills. Sometimes the schools organise these. The IKSA would do really well to present a school with a group (or a number of groups) of 4-6 willing intermediates and then maybe organise accomodation around it. Biggest problem for intermediates is getting a group of similar level people they can chat to off the water and then be able to push each other on the water. IKSA is made for building those social bonds. Small groups is the key!

  • Brian
1 year 10 months ago
What can the IKSA do to improve membership numbers

maybe look at reducing the cost.

I'm not sure if you are still working with the shops and schools. We use to offer them a 10 euro kick back for each student that they signed up.

so once a student finished lessons they would get a kite and also sign up to the IKSA at the same time.

membership of the IKSA grew from 23 to over 500 when we bought this in as well as offering online payments

  • Nicola Murphy
1 year 11 months ago
What can the IKSA do to improve membership numbers

Hey - I think one of the biggest challenges is renewals. I know there are a few loyal members who renew year on year but it would be good to get some regular communication - I know its easier said than done but when we were communicating regularly there was some really great feedback and would definitely encourage me to renew.

Maybe engage with the SUPers & ins. company too and see what can be done there?

  • Bryan Pelly
2 years 1 month ago
What can the IKSA do to improve membership numbers

Hello everybody...

We are looking for your input, feedback and suggestions as to how we can increase IKSA membership numbers and the overall benefits of membership for everyone.

Based on current estimates of the number of kite surfers/boarders, land boarders, etc. in the 32 counties we have approximately 20% of those as active IKSA members - supporting our work, supporting the sport and supporting the kiting community (as well as benefiting from our group insurance!).

The IKSA is still pursuing NGB status and a major factor there is representation of the sport and support from kite surfers in that aim - so without greater support we may be limited in that process.

For any non-members or existing members who don't plan to renew their membership we would appreciate if you could comment in this thread to share your thoughts.

Existing Members - ideas/suggestions/etc for increasing numbers always welcome - please also include you thoughts below.

ANONYMOUS REPLIES are possible on this thread - just don't log into the site & use a fake name to post :)