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  • Bryan Pelly
1 year 1 month ago
IKSA Website Suggestions or Improvements

Some work underway here Dudley and we are working out the specifics with the Insurance Company.

Usually Membership & Instructor Insurance will run concurrently & expire on the same date - or at least that's how we try to manage it on the system (however, sometimes there are exceptions).

Thanks for the suggestion

  • Dudley Hayden Van Niekerk
1 year 2 months ago
IKSA Website Suggestions or Improvements

Hi can we get Instructors insurance section added to our "Your Membership" page so we can see when instructors insurances expire just like the yearly membership we can see when our membership and Instructors insurances expiry date is??

  • Bryan Pelly
2 years 5 months ago
IKSA Website Suggestions or Improvements

Over the years we've had a few requests for updates to the IKSA Website... and for the most part these have been added (such as this forum requested at the 2014 AGM).

Hopefully, the site keeps 'giving' and the improvements have been adding value to your visits... but if not, or you have an idea for something new or improved, please outline your idea/suggestion in comments below.

  1. Does the Site Guide provide sufficient information?
  2. What additional content or sections would be useful?
  3. what's difficult to do on the site - change email address, change or reset password?
  4. Would a Site or User Account or IKSA Insurance/Membership Q&A be a good idea, and if so what kind of information should it contain?
  5. Is the look & feel of the site dated or would a change upset you?
  6. Could this forum be better, and how - more categories, different sections, more open access to general kiting community?
  7. ... etc., etc., etc.

What would be useful for Members and the general Kiting Community?
What would be beneficial for Kite Schools and Instructors?
What would be useful for councils and local authorities?
What information would be useful for general public consumption, safety info???

Share your thoughts and ideas... get 'creative' on this site's a$$... let us know and we (the royal we, meaning I) can try to do something about it - otherwise, I will continue making updates and adjustments & adding articles, news, and forum categories as and when I see the need or recognise potential improvements.

Thanks... B