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Suggest we get some IKSA Members to start testing

3 years 4 months ago #54 by Bryan Pelly
Bryan Pelly replied the topic: Suggest we get some IKSA Members to start testing
Hey Aaron - that's for getting involved and having a poke around. Would be great if you could have a think about some suggested sections, categories and topics. We can start looking to get some useful content in here and see if there's an interest to keep developing and growing the forum.

We're still considering it a trial and are looking to members to give us a gauge as to how useful & usable this is.

The photo issue - ah yes - I think that's a symptom of uploading a pic from an iPhone, I was doing some testing on my mobile to see how usable and performant the forum was on the move - I've seen it happen with other websites for some strange reason - maybe something strange with 'attachment' functions and the iPhone storage medium.

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