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  • Aaron Baugh
2 years 6 months ago
IKSA Water Charge 2015 - Competitor Feedback

Unfortunately i couldnt make it up to the event due to work. But I would have loved to have entered. I wouldnt have been able to the the freestyle but as you were saying the tt racing is the way forward would have defo given that a go :woohoo: Also the hang time sounded cool from chatting to people who were at the event. looking forward to the next one just please dont have it when im working ha.

  • Jakob Stack-Kral
2 years 6 months ago
IKSA Water Charge 2015 - Competitor Feedback

I competed at the IKSA water charge event and really enjoyed it. it was my first comp and I managed to come 2nd for the juniors which was a huge accomplishment. I really enjoyed the racing and the hang time was great too. The only thing is I would have liked to try my arm at freestyle which didn't happen. It also would have been nice if there were more people there. All in all it was a great event and I can't wait for more to come.

  • Warren Vance
2 years 6 months ago
IKSA Water Charge 2015 - Competitor Feedback

Thanks for all the comments.. I seen this idea about 7 years ago in Spain liked the idea and format
This winter i entered my first TT race that was me hooked.... Seen the fun, buzz kitesurfers had and it is open to all levels
Lots of people are still giving me positive feed back and sorry they couldn't make it
Racing is the way forward for IKSA Comps and some craic
This was IKSA first go at this I was very impressed how riders after a few races got the hang of the format very quick
It is simple watch the flags and remember when u r off. Master,mens, ladies youth Masters mens ladies youth That will be same for the next comp You should be able to get at least 6 races per fleet each day
Rules are all on IKSA site I am not sure if anyone looked at them

Nikki here you go Simple

On that note more comps :) Dates are not confirmed Will confirm Monday 25 May 2023
Hooked Kite fest have asked IKSA will they bring IKSA water charge to Wexford Duncannon 22 23 August 2023
Back Belfast for grand final Water Charge 2015 12 /13 Sept 2015 Tyrella Ballyholme Cloughey

Dates are not confirmed Will confirm Monday 25 May 2023


  • aaron cassells
2 years 6 months ago
IKSA Water Charge 2015 - Competitor Feedback

Today at 4:33 PM

Hi Guys

Thanks for all your efforts again on organising the water charge.

really enjoyed the friendly approach to the event on and off the water!

Would have loved to have seen a better local turn out but a good spread of people form all over the country was nice to see.

Another event would be great and where possible would always support it.

The racing was good as got better as more people got used to the rules of course sailing.

hard to know where to improve the actually racing part.

everybody rides different sizes of kite, but a more level race field where possible would give more people a chance to get on the podium ( helps if you don't wipe out when in second place) still recovering from that stack!!!

would love to see an event on the north coast.

but Ballyholme came up triumphs with the wind and sunshine for us

What about some regional teams race? Say 3/4 guys from each age group combined count towards a perpetual trophy and good prizes

Like a club race where by your only as good as the team total score.

builds up even more banter and friendships in the sport.

Anyways keep thinking outside the box

See you on the water

Aaron Cassells

  • Aisling Daly
2 years 6 months ago
IKSA Water Charge 2015 - Competitor Feedback

I absolutely loved the racing. It just meant that it was anyones for the taking and you're not worried about who has been kiting longer than you or who can do better tricks, you just have to get upwind. the run from the second marker to the third downwind was a lot of fun. The three flag system worked extremely well and could be seen from the water so there was no wondering what was happening. Everything was explained in advance and it was up to each rider to pay attention but definitely everything was run very efficiently.

The hangtime element I also loved (even if Sarah did beat me :)

More volunteers is always helpful and IKSA love to see people getting involved. As I was trying to be on water and help on the shore I was as useful as an underwater hairdryer but overall what a great event. Well done to everyone involved.

Heres to the next one :)

  • Niall Roche
2 years 6 months ago
IKSA Water Charge 2015 - Competitor Feedback

It was ran really well guys, it was nice to race and not stand on the beach all day, in saying that we need to get some more volunteers for that bit, maybe have a rota for taking the results, it's hard doing that all weekend, but I think it will happen and more volunteers will come and help for weekends like that,well done,