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New in GaMe

1 year 1 month ago #309 by Rafal
Rafal created the topic: New in GaMe
;) Hi All
My name is Rafal and im new in Game.
had try my first time weakboarding fiev weeks ago without any traning and its was it !!!!!
pick up weakboard really fast.
im gone invest for my first kite "all set"
was think about 9m kite for mid. winds "never had any traning im a selflearning person"
have fiev questions about gear:
1. what kite will be best for long therm period for learner and after mid. advance lake, sea"wave's"
2. what board will be best for rideer 175cm 90kg
3. with will be beter full power kite ?
4. what bar pick?

thanks all for read and any anwsers
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1 year 1 month ago #311 by Bryan Pelly
Bryan Pelly replied the topic: New in GaMe
Best advised to spend money on lessons - self learning isn't safe.

After you'd had your lessons - ask the instructor for kite advise depending on where you will kite and your level.

Here is a list of some schools that can help

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