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Michelle Farrell created the topic: Kiteboarding group
Is there any group or club which offer support to people new to the sport having completed lessons and needing some guidance, help and support to progress? I kiteboard on holidays where there is lots of support but yet to discover this in Dublin where I have yet to try going out myself.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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1 year 6 months ago #301 by Bryan Pelly
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Hey Michelle,

You could try joining some of the Heading Out Groups set up on Facebook to get in touch with others in Dublin and see who's planning to head out for a session. More details here & try the Heading Out East group for Dublin and surrounding area.

There are some other Facebook Groups available - Kiting Buddies is another good one for keeping in touch with the community.

Also, here are some links to Beach Guides for the popular kiting spots in Dublin

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