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  • Fergal McNamara
2 months 4 weeks ago
Hard lessons learned as a beginner

1)Don't open the deflate valve in the water (or take care) as you risk the kyte filling with water. That's trouble
2)Wrap up your lines properly - takes 1 hour or more to untangle
3) Avoid the seaweed (on Dollymount) with your lines - holy molly seaweed got on lines and it won't come off - whole apparatus needed de-rigging and re-rigging (thats another hour).
4) Buy a small vacuum cleaner for your car - it gets ruined from the sand
5) Holy (!) don't loose your car key (the Kyte Gods came to my rescue and allowed me to find it on the beach)
6) Remember, its from your mistakes you learn but don't let the mistakes cost too much

  • Bryan Pelly
2 years 5 months ago
Hard lessons learned as a beginner
  • kiteman
2 years 5 months ago
Hard lessons learned as a beginner

Thought id start a thread on safety things you don't often hear or mishaps that you learned the hard way from. Ill start with a small few!!!

1) Never kite in lightening
2) Always wash out your gear and especially your safety system for sand and clogging materials that prevent your safety system from operating fully.
3) Never learn on a 'C' kite
4) Practice pulling your safety system over and over so it becomes instinctive in a bad situation
5) If in doubt, don't go out.