With the arrival of the "Irish" Summer, there are a couple of points which we would like to remind kiters of as beaches get a little busier with people, lifeguards are on full-time duty and generally there are some additional considerations when using Irish beaches.

  • Seek local knowledge if you have never kitesurfed at a beach

  • Pump, Launch, Land and Pack Down should be within any designated zones on beaches

  • Always wrap up your lines if you are not using or planning to launch your kite to avoid any tangles or trips

  • Always make sure that you have your kite properly secure with enough ballast on it at all times

  • Promptly enter and exit the water from and to the launch zone 

  • Avoid unnecessary flying of large kites, other than trainer kites, on the beach

  • Use a Kite leash at all times

  • Keep out of any flagged swim zones or stay 200 metres away from all swimmers

  • Stay clear of all areas in front and to the sides of the lifeguard huts in the summer

  • Give right of way to all other beach users at all times

  • Assist other kiters to safely land and launch kites

Following these guidelines will help keep everyone safe and the beaches open for us all to enjoy

Below are links to some of the Beach Guides on our site - these in particular illustrate important points of note when using these beaches, but most apply to all kite spots.
If you would like a specific beach guide added for beaches in your area, please get in touch with us.

Dollymount, Dublin
Sutton, Dublin

Lissadell, Sligo
Rosses Point, Sligo

Banna Strand, Kerry

Benone, Derry
Castlerock, Antrim
Portrush, Antrim
Tyrella, Down
Whiterocks, Antrim

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