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Kitesurfing Progression Website

2 years 2 months ago #303 by Kitesurfing Progression Website
Kitesurfing Progression Website created the topic: Kitesurfing Progression Website
Hi All,

I’m looking for a Website Designer and Developer to create a kitesurfing website and thought I would write something up here to see if anyone is interested.

I have been running a kitesurfing progression league on a spreadsheet for the last 4-5 years which logs the tricks we can do and monitors progression throughout the year and I would like to get it developed into a website.

The main features are that it will let users log in and develop their rider profile, tick off the tricks which they can do which will show them their standing in their locality or any geographical region. It monitors progression and recommends new follow-on tricks based on current tricks. It also gives the ability to create leagues with friends to run their own private leaderboards based on progression so it does not matter what level you are at, a beginner can compete with someone learning unhooked tricks.

We have found that it really encourages us to attempt new tricks and keep on progressing! We are much more likely to go out and try new variations or attempt new tricks because of the rivalry between friends.

It will involve a large CMS with a lot of coding and customisation. The main points of the website are:

1. User Logins with profile – (Thousands)
2. Database with a large amount of yes/no inputs linked to each user.
3. Website Tables – data is pulled from database for leaderboards and charts.
4. Leaderboards – With filters for location and with links to individual users.
5. Graphs – Created from database.
6. Ability for users to upload pictures and data.
7. eCommerce functionality and auction style bidding function.
8. Most of the programming from database to user profiles is already complete in excel.
9. Many more features!!

I have completed most of the web pages in Photoshop already. Design is 75% complete but no background coding has been completed.

If this project sounds interesting to you could you PM me! We can meet up, agree fees and go through the full detail of the site. It’s a personal project so my budget is low but I think we can build this into a great site.

Thanks for reading.
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