The following is some crime prevention advice for members from An Garda Síochána.

Equipment used by Kite surfers is expensive and is also unique. Because of the nature of the activity and the frequency of use of local beaches, patrons are more likely to be observed by criminals using the amenities.

Patrons use their vehicles to transport equipment both to and from beaches/public areas and some also use their vehicles for preparing for their activity, i.e., getting changed. When using public amenities patrons need to be conscious of the fact that they may be observed placing expensive items in the boots of their vehicles/under seats of cars or in public view.

With this in mind patrons should avail of the following crime prevention advice:
  • Do not leave any items exposed in your vehicle - this includes clothing and personal items which criminals may believe to contain valuables as they know patrons will be in the water and will not bring electrical equipment or valuables with them.
  • Valuable items should not be brought to the beach, if possible.
  • When several patrons are travelling to the beach and using the amenity they should try and park vehicles together - therefore they can be alerted to any unknown vehicles approaching their vehicles.
  • If possible one person in the group should keep vehicles within sight and report any suspicious activity.
  • Patrons should bring all equipment with them when leaving vehicles.

Thefts which have occurred in the past tend to be carried out by persons travelling to the area in vehicles themselves. With this in mind we would ask patrons of the beaches to report any suspicious activity to Gardai. Clontarf 6664800, Raheny 6664300 and Howth 6664900 or by calling 999.

For additional advice, a crime prevention leaflet covering thefts from vehicles is available from the Garda website, as well as further crime prevention advice.
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